Bel loves the opportunity to come and share at schools. Typically school-based concerts would take the form of Bel sharing songs and testimony (real-life stories of faith & hope) during the usual chapel or RE time. Bel draws on her skills as a creative communicator as well as 9 years experience teaching music in a High School. Bel’s presentation is tailored to her audience and is equally well-received by junior, middle and senior schools.

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School Testimonials

“Recently at John Paul College we had Bel Thomson play at Chapel for the Year 10 students. It was obvious from the beginning the amazing musical talent she brought as she played the piano, her guitar, and sang her songs her so beautifully. The great part I found though, was the sincerity of her faith as she shared the stories from her own life and how this had helped her to write the songs that we were listening too. Each song had depth and meaning because it came from her heart. When you are trying to share Christ with teenagers, I don’t believe the message can come from a better place than that. I would recommend Bel to any school.” Stephen Ward, Chaplain: John Paul College.

"Belmont Christian College is a PREP to Year 12 college with an enrolment of 900. The College is divided into three schools: Junior School is from PREP to Year 5; Middle School is from Year 6 to Year 8 and; Senior School is from Year 9 to Year 12. Bel Thomson took three one hour sessions at the College, interacting with each of the schools. On a one day programme this is no small feat. She was able to structure her presentation to fit the wide range of ages of her audience. What a response she received from the students in each of the sessions! Her musical ability coupled with excellent story telling really captured the childrens’ attention. Her strong Christian faith, personal testimony and excellent original songs captured the imagination of all who heard her over the three sessions, including staff. I have no hesitation in recommending Bel; her message is inspiring and challenging." Michael Budden, Principal: Belmont Christian College.

"Bel Thomson was a special guest at Genesis Christian College Chapel. Bel's ability to connect to the audience through her testimony and songs was felt by staff and students. Over 700 students were impacted as they sat through a life changing experience as Bel shared about her faith in God and was expressed through her music. The positive feed back from staff and Students was overwhelming and we will definitely be having her back next year." Anthony Lyons, Student Life Coach/Chaplain: Genesis Christian College.

"We were blessed to have Bel Thomson visit our school this year. She was an inspiration to our students and encouraged them to base their thinking in Truth. We would love to have Bel come back to Ballarat again." Steve Shaw, Chaplain: Ballarat Christian College.

"Phil & Bel Thomson are awesome!!! Bel's music ability to connect with people makes it easy to listen to her message and story. Phil's leadership and speaking ability creates an environment where you can grow as a leader and as a person. I recommend both Phil & Bel Thomson in their respective ministries." Nathan McDuff, Chaplain: Millicent High School.