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Magazine Articles

Sight and Sound Magazine (article): 

“Really our whole approach to ministry now is we do it together as a family” - Click to read the full review 

Salvation Army "Warcry" Magazine (article): 

"As my faith grew, I realised that music was not only a gift God had given me, but was one of the most effective ways to communicate the life-changing love of God to others."  - Click to read the full article 

Sight and Sound Magazine ("Seasons" review): 

"Seasons is a testament to a faith that endures, a hope that sustains and a love that surrounds no matter the time or circumstance." - Click to read the full review

Hallels ("Seasons" review):

"...with Thomson's deeply affecting vocals and her thoughtful words, "Seasons" is a delightful glimpse into the singer-songwriter's journey." - Click to read the full review